A collection of sweet seeded deckled papers.

Nestled between two mountain ranges thrived the most beautiful field of wildflowers. It is here where Hazel Wilds relished the dirt under her fingernails and loved the feel of her boots in the soft morning mud. 

Inspired by the colorful blanket of flowers and the fragrant breeze, her farm was known as Sweet Wilds. From the vibrant yellows and oranges to deep purples and blues, the fields seem to stretch out endlessly, and there was a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty. 

After meeting Hazels daughter, we were amazed by her story and her herbarium journal she kept! All the wildflowers she grew were in those pages along with notes and memories of those fields. As we continued to turn the pages there towards the back was a sketch of a few small pots sitting atop a piece of wood. Under the sketch was written "Love sprouts here."

It was this story that inspired us to create a line of paper embedded with wildflower seeds, the same wildflowers she grew. 

Sweet Wilds is embedded with wildflower seeds! Our wildflower mix may contain a mixture of the following seeds: black-eyed susan, spurred snapdragon, sweet alyssum, bird’s eye, farewell to spring, dwarf catchfly, shirley poppy, candytuft, clarkia, phacelia, baby blue eyes, baby's breath (depending on availability).

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Sweet Wilds

No! These are embedded with seeds and there is no sizing in them.

As long as there is no heat or high pressure involved, the seeds will be just fine.

Yes the seeds may get crushed but we put enough seeds in the paper to make sure you have enough to germinate.

You do risk damaging your plate when letterpress printing on seed paper. However, we have found this to be very rare.