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Have you ever wanted to create a customized mini notebook to jot down your thoughts or sketches? In our Print and Stitch Mini Workshop, we will guide you along the way as you print & stitch your own set of 4 personalized mini notebooks. Peruse through our large selection of movable type to create your name or message for the notebook covers. Each cover will be printed on our own handmade paper. From there, you’ll learn how to print on our tabletop platen presses or the Vandercook SP15. Afterwards, we will show you how to use our Acme-Champion saddle stitcher to join the cover and pages together. 

  • Size: 4"x5.5" with 20 pages
  • # of colors: 1
  • Age: 13 and up
  • Length: 3-4 hours

You will learn in this workshop:
Basics of typesetting
Locking up a form
Prepress & printing on the Tabletop Platen presses or Vandercook
Using the Acme-Champion Saddle Stitcher

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