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Our guess is you have landed here because you are intrigued by a photo on Instagram, a post on Facebook or you were hoping we would finally update our website with new papers. Well you are in luck! In the coming year we have set our hopes high and plan to launch tree new lines, The 1889 Collection - a line of small deckled sheets, MaryJane Seed Papers - a line of plantable papers and Carabineer - a line of papers inspired by the local salt mines. We plan to launch the 1889 Collection in May, MaryJane in July and Carabineer in October.

If you are interested in one or all please fill out the info below. The Swatches books are available free of charge so long as you are a business and have a tax id number. If you do not we can still send out paper samples but please email us with your request or you can purchase the swatch books when they become available.

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