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Our Story

Our true love is paper. Come see what it's all about

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In the early '90s Christopher bought a little paper making kit at the art store he worked at, before you knew it there were designers, customers, craft fairs and a damp musty basement. Before long he ended up in front of  some bankers presenting his case in hopes of securing funding. A “hobby business” they called it!  To say the least, he decided to do it his way...the hard way. 

From Nebraska, where it all began, to New Mexico where it grew, then back to its roots, with the help of some amazing employees over those years, we have made paper for weddings, presidential events, famous bands and not so famous. We once produced a single custom sheet that was sent to Martha Stuart and another order for  2.2 million pieces for Kraft Foods. At this point we are not looking at this as a "hobby business"!

After a quarter of a century making paper who knows what the future holds. But one thing we can say, there is a lot more paper to be made!